Western Australia

Abalone Industry Association of Western Australia

The Abalone Industry Association of Western Australia (AIAWA) is the state peak body that represents the commercial wild harvest abalonelicense owners and divers. The AIAWA works with its members, government departments and researchers to ensure the wild harvest fishery is sustainable. The AIAWA provides a forum for communication between license owners, divers, the Western Australian Fishing Industry Council (WAFIC) and relevent Government Departments.

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Total Allowable Catch

Fishing is managed mainly through Total Allowable Commercial Catches (TACCs) set by the Department of Fisheries on an annual basis  for each area and allocated to licence holders as individual transferable quotas (units of entitlement).

A minimum number of units must be associated with each license and the total catch is limited by the TACC.

A TACC is set for the Roe's abalone fishery and a separate TACC is set for the greenlip/brownlip fishery, which operates mainly off the south coast. Minimum legal abalone sizes apply.

For more information on Western Australian Abalone fishery management, visit the DPIRD website