Tasmanian Abalone Council Ltd

The Tasmanian Abalone Council (TAC) is the voice of the fishery, representing divers, non-diving quota-holders, processors and exporters. The council is proud that its members’ far-sightedness has made the fishery a model for the rest of the world. The TAC is committed to further improvements through research and management initiatives.

Through sound management practice and skilled harvesting techniques, the Tasmanian Abalone Council has successfully translated natural advantages into sound economic gains, ensuring a bright future for the industry in Tasmania.

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Total Allowable Catch

Each year the abalone Total Allowable Catch, known as the TAC, must be set for the next quota year - which is aligned to the calendar year.

An allowable catch needs to be set for each zone in the fishery, which together comprises the total allowable catch.  Each of the 3,500 quota units then provides access to the same amount of abalone in each zone, and the fishery as a whole.

That is, the TAC set for a year is divided by 3,500 to determine the amount each quota unit provides for that year.  As the TAC changes, the quota units are amended each year correspondingly.

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2020 TAC

2019 TAC

2018 TAC

2017 TAC

2016 TAC

2015 TAC

Eastern black

220,500 252,000 294,000 444,500 528,500 528,500

Western black

549,500 717,500 717,500 717,500 717,500 840,000

Central West black

      35,000 42,000 52,000

Northern black

73,500 98,000 98,000 147,000 189,000 224,000

Bass Strait black

91,000 91,000 91,000 77,000 77,000 70,000


84,000 108,500 133,000 140,000 140,000 140,000