Quality Assurance Code of Practice

In June 2013, the ACA, in cooperation with the FRDC and CRC, has produced a Quality Assurance Code of Practice for the Abalone Wild Abalone Fishery in Australia - Designed to ensure optimum quality of wild harvest abalone throughout the supply chain from "Harvest to Export".

The aim of this Quality Assurance Code of Practice is to describe industry-agreed practices that will maintain abalone at as high a level of quality as possible – strong, healthy and free from contaminants or cuts – throughout the supply chain: from harvest until they are processed for export as live, canned, frozen or dried product.

The Quality Assurance Code, underpinned by the industry's proven willingness and ability to introduce voluntary measures where it feels the need, sets out clear industry expectations in regard to the way all wild-caught abalone should be treated, and demonstrates the suite of best practice quality assurance procedures and protocols.