Abalone related Research Projects

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Funding Entity and project number Project Title and link to Final Report Principal Investigator Organisation
FRDC 2020/065 Indicators for density and biomass of exploitable abalone - developing and applying a new approach Keith Sainsbury Western Abalone Divers Association 
FRDC 2020/004 The impact and implication of Perkinsus olseni on Australian abalone fisheries Ben Stobart University of Adelaide
FRDC 2019/162 Western Abalone Divers Association 2020 Quota Setting Workshop: Opportunity for shared understanding of potential TACC setting processes by Western Australian Abalone stakeholders Basia R Lamb Western Australian Fishing Industry Council Inc (WAFIC)
FRDC 2019/147 Risk factors and management strategies associated with summer mortality in Australian abalone   University of Adelaide
FRDC 2019/128 Assessing the benefity of sea urchin processing waste as an agricultural fertiliser and soil ameliorant Nigel Swarts University of Tasmania
FRDC 2019/118 Drawing strength from each other: simulation testing of Australia's abalone harvest strategies   Cathy Dichmont Consulting
FRDC 2019/110 Best practice and policy in abalone stock enhancement, restocking and translocation Lachlan Strain Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD)
FRDC 2018/212 Establishing an industry recovery strategy for the Area 3 zone of the Western Australian Abalone Managed Fishery Don Nicholls Southern Seafood Producers (WA) Association
FRDC 2018/193 Abalone assessment and management (workshop): what have we learned, what are the gaps and where can we do better Ian Cartwright Abalone Council Australia Ltd
FRDC 2018/109 National Abalone Diver Exchange Program Craig Fox Western Abalone Divers Association (WADA)
FRDC 2018/061 ACA Planning and Management for a National Research, Development and Extension Program Dean Lisson Abalone Council Australia Ltd
FRDC 2018/004 SafeFish 2018-2021 Alison Turnbull SARDI
FRDC 2017/225 Improving risk managment of paralytic shellfish toxins in the Blacklip Abalone (Haliotis rubra rubra) Alison Turnbull SARDI
FRDC 2017/210 National fisheries and aquaculture industry social and economic contributions study: Phase 1 Emily Ogier Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS)
FRDC 2017/124 Developing a new five year Strategic Plan for RD&E Investment in the Australian wild harvest abalone industry Dean Lisson Abalone Council Australia Ltd
FRDC 2017/117 Aquatic Animal Health and Biosecurity Subprogram: Identification of differentially expressed innate immune genes in the New Zealand paua (Haliotis iris) and the Australian hybrid abalone (H. laevigata X H. rubra) upon immersion challenge with the abalone herpesvirus-1 (HaHV) Serge Corbeil CSIRO Australian Animal Health Laboratory
FRDC 2017/049 Monitoring abalone juvenile abundance following removal of Centrostephanus and translocation Craig Mundy University of Tasmania
FRDC 2017/026 Can spatial fishery-dependent data be used to determine abalone stock status in a spatially structured fishery? Craig Mundy University of Tasmania
FRDC 2016/257 Implementing and evaluating the Australian Seafood Trade Agenda 2016-2018 - Seafood Trade Advisory Group (STAG) Jayne Gallagher Honey & Fox
FRDC 2016/208 Waste to profit in urchin fisheries: developing business opportunities to ensure fishery sustainability and safeguard reef dependent fishereis from destructive urchin grazing John Keane  IMAS
Seafood CRC 2015/710 Securing the legacy from the Seafood CRC invesment in market research and development Jayne Gallagher Honey & Fox
FRDC 2015/212 SafeFish - research to support food safety, trade and market access Alison Turnbull SARDI
FRDC 2015/017 Maximise yield or minimise risk in the Blacklip Abalone fishery: using biological data to direct harvest strategies Ben Stobbart SARDI
Seafood CRC 2014/718 Australian Wild Abalone Nanotag Jayne Gallagher CRC
Seafood CRC 2014/713 Supply chain research and analysis to support the future commercial roll out of the Australian Wild Abalone program Jayne Gallagher CRC

Seafood CRC 2013/714

Establishing improved trade access and market development for Australia's Abalone and Rocklobster to China Jayne Gallagher CRC
FRDC 2013/240 2014 Trans Tasman Abalone Convention Dean Lisson  ACA
Seafood CRC 2012/704 Improving trade and market access to the People's Republic of China for Australian rock lobster and abalone industries Sam Guthrie CRC
FRDC 2012/404 Wild Harvest Abalone National RD&E Planning, Management and Oversight Dean Lisson ACA
FRDC TRF 2012/058 Limiting impacts of the spread of urchins by rebuilding abalone populations Geoff Ellis EZAIA
FRDC 2011/405 National Abalone Convention 2011 Melinda Caspersz ACA
FRDC 2011/232 Novel treatments without sulphites for the prevention of blueing in abalone during canning Tom Madigan SARDI
Seafood CRC 2010/776 Research, develop and trial new Australian wild caught abalone products in China Karen McNaughton SARDI
Seafood CRC 2010/737 Marine Bio-toxins and Market Access for abalone Catherine McLeod SARDI
Seafood CRC 2010/704 Maximising the value by minimising stress in abalone - Optimising harvesting strategies Natalie Moltschaniwskyj IMAS
Seafood CRC 2009/723 Analysis of product differentiation opportunities for Australian wild caught abalone in China Dean Lisson ACA
Seafood CRC 2009/715 Optimising business structures and fisheries management systems for key fisheries Tim Ward SARDI
Seafood CRC 2009/714.3 Economic management guidance for Australian Abalone Fisheries Klaas Hartman IMAS
Seafood CRC 2009/712 Future harvest theme leadership Graham Mair UTAS
Seafood CRC 2009/708

An Abalone Quality Assurance program for the Australian Wild Caught Abalone Industry

Code of Practice is available here

Dean Lisson ACA
Seafood CRC 2008/909 Market Access for abalone to the EU Catherine McLeod SARDI
Seafood CRC 2008/799 Marine biotoxin diagnostic capability and capacity in Australia: A business review and implentation plan Ewan Colquhuon Ridge Partners
Seafood CRC 2008/759 Helping emerging leaders to develop networks and make more effective use of scientific and community resources, knowledge and skills Dean Lisson ACA
Seafood CRC 2008/729 Risk Assessment of Sulphites in Australian canned abalone Susan Dobson SARDI
Seafood CRC 2008/715 Australian abalone industry R&D planning, implementation and utilisation Dean Lisson ACA
Seafood CRC TRF 2008/097 Developing the use of existing technology in cost-effective and reliable Industry-based structured fishing surveys to urgently replace more costly methods and advise finer-scale management of abalone populations Duncan Worthington ACNSW
FRDC 2007/311 The Development of a National R&D Plan for the Australian abalone Industry Dean Lisson ACA
FRDC 2005/241 Progressing the recommendations from the scoping study report for abalone marketing and promotion Dean Lisson ACA
FRDC 2005/231 A Scoping Study on the Australian Abalone Industry Michael Tokley ACA

Seafood CRC

Factors limiting resilience and recovery of fished abalone populations Craig Mundy UTAS
FRDC 2004/019 Towards optimising the spatial scale of abalone fishery management Stephen Mayfield SARDI
FRDC 2001/076 Assessing Survey Methods for Greenlip Abalone in South Australia Richard McGarvey SARDI
FRDC 2001/074 Linking Fishery-Dependent and Fishery-Independent assessments of Abalone Fisheries Craig Mundy UTAS
FRDC 2001/076 Assessing survey methods for greenlip abalone in South Australia Richard McGarvey SARDI
FRDC 2000/151 Control of perkinsus disease in Abalone RJG Lester University of Queensland
FRDC 2000/112 Assessment of Illegal Catches of Australian Abalone - Development of Desk-Based Survey Methods Harry Gorfine DEDJTR
FRDC  Review of Wild Abalone R&D needs in Australia Macarthur Agribusiness  
FRDC 1995/165 Movement and re-aggregation of blacklip abalone in response to intensive fishing Harry Gorfine Agriculture Victoria
FRDC 1995/002 Applications of molecular biology to management of the abalone fishery Peter Hanna Deakin University