2014 - Queenstown NZ

Navigating the Future

Abalone Council Australia in conjunction with the New Zealand Paua Industry Council hosted the 6th National Abalone Convention, held at Queenstown, New Zealand, from the 6th  - 8th August 2014.

The Convention attracted divers, processors, quota-owners, researchers and fishery managers from Australia and New Zealand. The theme of the Convention was “Navigating the Future” and outcomes from the Convention will drive strategies for the future of both Australian and New Zealand abalone industries.


ABRAHAM - Better Information for Better Management

ADAMS - WA Abalone Update

COOK - Current Situation & Future Trends

COOK - Why Certify

COOPER - Key issues facing Paua

COOPER - Paua Data Logging

CUMMINGS - Ocean Acidification

DONELAN - Producers Working Together

FRDC - Future Directions

GALLAGHER – CRC Past, Present & Future

HADDON - Management Strategy Evaluation

HART - Third Party Certification


LISSON - Tasmanian Abalone Update

MARRIOTT - VIC Abalone Update

MCCOWAN - Maintaining Abalone Fisheries in Changing Environments

MOLTSCHANIWSKYJ - Maximising Value by Minimizing Stress

MUNDY Cutting Edge Developments

MUNDY - Multi Criteria Decision Analysis

RAGG - Fighting for Breath

SMYTHE - Fishery Data Collection

SMYTHE - NSW Abalone Update

STANLEY - History of the Paua Industry

TURNBULL, WATTS - Algal Blooms & Bio-toxins

WATTS - The Miracle of the Early Life Cycle of Paua

WILSON - The Scientific Foundation of Ethical & Effective Shark Repellent Technology

WOOLFORD - SA Abalone Update

WOOLFORD - Summary of Outcomes

ZIOLKOWSKI - The Japanese abalone market

ZIOLKOWSKI - Trends in Abalone Farm Production and Consumption in China