2011- Hamilton Island, Qld

2011 - Hamilton Island, Qld

The Business of Abalone

The 5th National Abalone Convention was held at Hamilton Island from 21-23 July, 2011.  The Convention attracted more than 150 participants from across Australia, including divers, processors, quote-owners and distributors.

Program & Presentations

Dean Lisson Welcome
Dr Len Stephens,
Managing Director, Australian Seafood Co-operative Research Centre
The Seafood CRC & Industry Collaboration - what works and what doesn't
Dr Patrick Hone, 
Executive Director, Fisheries Research & Development Corporation
Community support for your social license to operate - why this needs to be a part of your business
ACA Directors State overviews and updates
Theme: Global Industry Overview
Dr Peter Cook,
University of Western Australia
Global Abalone Supply & Demand - Wild harvest & Aquaculture - current situation & future trends
Dr Cath McLeod, 
South Australia Research and Development Institute 
Abalone Trade & Market Access issues
Ben Manning, 
University of the Sunshine Coast
Market overview of the export potential of Australian Wild caught abalone in Beijing and Shanghai - USC Research papers April and September 2010
Theme: Threats to Resource Productivity
Serge Corbeil,
CSIRO - Australian Animal Health Laboratory
Abalone Viral Ganglioneuritis - current status of research
Dr Craig Johnson,
Director Marine & Antarctic Futures, Tasmanian Institute for Marine & Antarctic Studies
Management responses to the destruction of abalone habitat by sea urchin Centrostephanus Rogersii
Justin Bell,
Department of Primary Industry, Victoria
Removal of Centrostephanus Rogersii to enable recovery of Abalone habitat
Theme: Increasing Resource Productivity
John Smythe, 
Abalone Diver, Merimbula
The observed recovery of abalone habitat folloiwng the commercial harvest of Centrostephanus Rogersii in the NSW abalone fishery
Jeremy Cooper,
CEO, Paua Industry Council
Reseeding of abalone reefs in New Zealand & Co-management of abalone resources
Theme: Measuring & Managing - Resource Assessment & Management
Dr Craig Mundy,
Institute of Marine & Antarctic Science
Implementing a spatial assessment & decision process to improve fishing management outcomes using geo-referenced diver data
Dr Malcolm Haddon,
CSIRO, Marine & Atmospheric Research
Comparing Alternative Management approaches for abalone in South East Australia
Ian Cartwright,
Thalassa Consulting
Co-management in Abalone fisheries - roles of Government, Researchers and Industry
Theme: Supply Chain Management
Dr Natalie Moltschaniwskyj,
University of Newcastle
Managing stress in abalone during harvest, transport & tanking to improve quality & yield
Theme: The ACA China Market Project - Product Differentiation Opportunities for Australian Wild Caught abalone in China
Project team - Dean Lisson, George Chung, Jayne Gallagher, Naveen Rao, Sylvia Sui A comprehensive overview of the ACA/CRC China Market Project 2009/723 - What has been learnt, what has been achieved & what are the implications to the abalone industry regarding the development of an ongoing Promotional Platform in China
Theme: Strategic Market Development Platforms
Sam Guthrie,
Global Business Development Manager, Australian Wool Innovation Ltd
Trading with the Woolmark Brand in China - lessons for the Australian Abalone industry
Paul Henry, 
Wine Consultant - formerly Global Market Development Manager, Wine Australia
Trading Australian Wine in China - lessons for the Australian Abalone industry
Ewan Colquhuon,
Ridge Partners
A sustainable Supply Chain business & Marketing model for Australian Wild Abalone
Panel session Where to from here?