Abalone Council Australia Ltd is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee.  ACA's primary governing document is it's constitution.  The objects for the which the Council is established are:

  • To act as a peak national body, representing the collective interests of all five wild harvest abalone producing states; New South Wales, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, and Western Australia, represented by the Peak State bodies.
  • To provide a forum for comunication between the five wild harvest abalone producing states;
  • To acknowledge and support the authority of the state abalone organisations;
  • To provide assistance to the state abalone organisations when requested;
  • To advise on National Research and Development priorities;
  • To protect and sustain the long term viabilityt of the Australian wild catch abalone industry;
  • To promote the interests of the Australian wild catch abalone industry;
  • To advance the awareness of the public and to foster public understanding of the Australian wild catch abalone industry;
  • To carry out research, gather compile and disseminate information relating to the wild catch abalone industry and assist in improving abalone fishing handling, processing, quality and marketing practices;
  • To consider promote and advicate polocies and legislation beneficial to the wild catch abalone industry including making submissions with respect to legislation relating to the abalone industry;
  • To promote the Australian wild catch abalone industry by all appropriate means;
  • To liaise and work in conjunction with governments statutory and similar authorities and other bodies in relation to the wild catch abalone industry;
  • To convene and hold seminars discussions lectures and conferences at such times and places as the council may determine;
  • To publish and distribute journals books papers bulletins and newsletters of interest to the members of the Council and the State bodies
  • To promote social activites amongst members and persons interested in the objects of the Council;
  • To examine means of and encourage and assist in improving procedures for the efficient disposal of disputes in the wild catch abalone industry;
  • To manage and utilize funds and resources which become available to it from time to time:
    a. Apply for available funds, grants and donations;
    b. Use funds to maximum benefit;
    c. Appoint salaried staff and officers if in its opinion is in the best interest of the Council to do so and may determine and from time to time vary their remuneration and the coditions of employment.  All such officers shall perform duties as directed;
    d. Enter into any contract considered necessary by the Council.


ACA board is comprised of ten (10) Directors, all with extensive experience and contacts in the abalone Industry, who are also the only Members of the company.  Two nominations are put forward by each state’s peak Abalone Industry representative body for appointment to ACA.  Meetings of the Council are held twice annually, and two observers from the Abalone Association of Australasia, representing abalone receivers, processors and exporters, are also invited as observers.

Strategic Plan

ACA's second Strategic RD&E Plan 2018-2023 was released in September 2018, and lists the following ten main objectives:

  1. Ensure a healthy fishery maintained at biological optimums
  2. Abalone stewarship - globally verified and promoted
  3. A viable Harvest Strategy in each State fishery
  4. Achieve higher productivity along the supply chain via innovation investment (pre and post-harvest)
  5. Implement a professional international and domestic strategic marketing program for the world's best abalone
  6. Australia is recognised as the global Home of Wild Abalone
  7. Smart people using best industry practices
  8. Increased collaboration and idea sharing between the abalone sector and other sectors (both within and external to the seafood industry)
  9. An efficient and capable ACA leading a national industry
  10. Build and apply social capital for industry benefit.

The ACA completed it's initial 10 year Strategic Plan in 2007 to provide guidance on its operation.

Corporate Governance

ACA has a Governance Statement designed to ensure the ACA creates value for and on behalf of the Australian wild catch abalone industry and provides accountability and control systems commensurate with the risks involved.

Chairman's Reports

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